"One Gift | Twice the Impact" With your help, we could secure an additional $3,500! Give today to help us meet our goal!

Be part of this grassroots effort to preserve our heritage, grow our commerce and impact our future!!

"One Gift | Twice the Impact" With your help, we could secure an additional $3,500! Give today to help us meet our goal! image


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Be part of this grassroots effort to preserve our heritage, grow our commerce and impact our future!!

"One Gift | Twice the Impact” September 18 through October 10, holds an incredible opportunity for Vision Caldwell

    During these 23 days, Legacy Regional Community Foundation will match up to $3,500 (and maybe more) in donations to Vision Caldwell made to our endowment fund - our long-term savings – thanks to a generous gift from Patterson Family Foundation.

    • The 2023 match pool is $70,000. The match will be divided among the 19 participating nonprofit organizations up to $3,500 per organization. Vision Caldwell is one of these. Your gift will go to our endowment and the Patterson Family Foundation match will go to our operating needs.
    • Cash and checks made payable to Legacy Foundation dated and received between September 18 – October 10, 2023 are eligible for match consideration. Legacy will place the Vision Caldwell donations to our fund account.
    • Online giving is easy using our Vision Caldwell donation platform via Facebook.
    • Donations are tax deductible. One receipt will be issued to each individual making a donation.

    We are asking for you to dig deep, beyond what you have given in the past.

    Building our endowment is critical for Caldwell's future. “One Gift | Twice the Impact” is a unique opportunity to grow our endowment exponentially, so that we can enrich Caldwell for even greater impact, for years to come. Giving back to your community with the advantage of doubling your impact is a powerful way to help Caldwell accomplish many needs and goals for future viability.

    P.S. This is a rare chance to multiply the difference we make, and it’s truly a missed opportunity if we don’t take full advantage. Your gift is vital for helping us maximize the match and propelling Caldwell into the next century.

    Vision Caldwell Giving creates a central, mission-focused path to giving back to Caldwell--directing resources to causes that matter locally. Whether to a lasting legacy endowed foundation or project-based giving, Vision Caldwell Giving will be the online easy button to donate to causes of their choice or give back to Caldwell unrestricted, allowing local consideration to funds in need.

    • Vision Caldwell is a grassroots effort to create, improve, and sustain a healthy community. From physical and financial health, emotional well-being, and a spiritual connectedness that we hold dear, creating a healthy environment for all will propel Caldwell to attract more abundance for future generations. Please consider giving your gifts, time, and energy to improving the quality of life in Caldwell.
      • Growing a local food ecosystem plan, enhancing prosperity for our value-added agricultural products while connecting the region with locally-grown food and attracting outside dollars to our community.
      • Preserving and sustaining our downtown business district is another critical need project, focusing on matching grant opportunities to shore up our unique, historic, and beautiful downtown which enhances tourism efforts attracting abundance to our local ecosystem.
      • A third is a partnership with the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce to place seed money to fund an incredible experience through music, culture and humanities during our annual Chisholm Trail Festival.
    • Vision Caldwell Endowment was formed under the four pillar comprehensive approach to long-term rural community sustainability. The group focuses on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Youth, and Charitable Assets and previously used the name S.H.A.R.E. - Saving Hometown And Rural Existence. The mission is to create a positive environment for economic stability and growth, providing the opportunity for a better quality of rural life. This fund is a sustained endowment fund for charitable, tax-exempt giving.

    Follow this link to Legacy Regional Community Foundation for additional ways to give to Caldwell Legacy. In addition to cash and online gifts: gifts of stock, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, life insurance, bequests and other financial vehicles may be accommodated by Legacy Foundation.